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Yuuritsu ( Yuroku )

A tag attached to illustrations featuring two main characters, Yuta Hibiki and Rikka Takarada, who are characters in SSSS.GRIDMAN. Read More

Akane Shinjo (Reality)

A person who appeared in the final episode of the anime "SSSS.GRIDMAN" and the PV of the theme song "UNION". The black-haired girl on the left side of the image. Read More


In "TYPE-MOON", for a long time only the setting was talked about as the "strongest existence". Read More

Del Lago

A creature that appears in the Resident Evil series (on the right side of the image). Read More

top profit

Manga "Rakudai Ninja Rantaro" / Anime "Nintama Rantaro" Shusaku Komatsuda x Rikichi Yamada's CP for rot Read More


Sakubei Tomimatsu and Saburoji Ikeda from the manga "Rakudai Ninja Rantaro" and the anime "Nintama Rantaro". Read More